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The newsletter monetization strategy that your subscribers will thank you for. Provide your readers with an easy job search tool that pays you as they click and apply.


Offer your readers a new way to engage with you and build further trust in your publication.


Automatically earn revenue by simply pointing to your jobs subdomain from your newsletter.


Take the revenue you earn from job clicks and reinvest in your subscriber growth strategies.

increase reader engagement

Give to your Audience

Provide links to handpicked jobs directly in your newsletter or embed a custom gif of the job search experience on your custom subdomain. Providing high quality jobs content is a differentiator and another reason for readers to open your email when it hits their inbox.

simple yet Powerful job search

Search & Apply

Over 10 million people in the US apply to jobs online each day; however, jobseekers have grown weary of traditional job boards. They seek new paths for finding employment from people and publications they trust.

why newsletter grow

The Best Newsletter Partner

We were early Beehiiv users when starting the Devwork Jobs Newsletter. With an appreciation (and disdain) for the administrivia around monetizing newsletters, we make it easy to make incremental revenue.After realizing how hard it is to find advertisers, we begun sourcing jobs directly from companies and partners to display in our newsletter. The approach became similar to CPC ads but with jobs instead of products. Now we continue to find job display partners to power the jobs widget we created and proudly show over 500,000 jobs on average per month.Our goal is to provide this monetization strategy to newsletters with active readers who will drive quality traffic.Check out your earning potential here:

Calculator does not take into account subscriber growth.
Payouts are estimated as they adjust based on conversions (information submissions, completed employment applications, etc.).

test out the job search below ⬇️

monetize widget


Monetize your newsletter for free by offering a high quality job search widget to your readers.

  • Custom subdomain setup

  • Easy to use widget

  • Earn revenue from clicks and applies on jobs

  • Ongoing support from the Newsletter GROW Team

white label job board + monetize widget

$99 per month

Monetize your newsletter multiple ways - sell job postings and earn revenue from clicks and applies.

  • Leverage monetize widget features

  • Allow companies to advertise their jobs directly with you

  • Stripe integration for payments

  • Multiple job slot pricing and subscription options

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We are happy to help determine if a Newsletter GROW partnership is the right option for your publication. Fill out the application and we will respond shortly.

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